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Amazingly it is now 17 years since I set up the Jeanneau Owners Network, which has matured into an incredible self-help support network with in excess of 5,000 Members worldwide.


This success is totally down to the quality of our Members and their caring and supportive attitude to sharing knowledge, experience and simply the pleasure gained from being afloat in great boats. My own efforts are greatly eased by a wonderful bunch of reliable volunteer moderators.


The service has always been totally free of any subscription, with all non-personal information being made freely available – no hiding behind paywalls or closed groups, this includes the data and projects on the main website plus our linked Jeanneau Owners Forum and Facebook group. I remain determined that this free and open resource will remain our key foundation principle.


But as Yachties and Boaters, whilst typically not the mega-rich often portrayed in the media, we nonetheless do tend to be more privileged than the rest of society, often through our own efforts and hard work. Whilst I realise the majority will already be making multiple donations to local organisations, I also think that collectively we might bring some additional focus to a say couple of good causes each year. If successful, each year we would back different projects in different countries, to reflect our diverse membership.


To start this off I would like to propose two projects for 2018:


Later this year Marty, who everyone will know was one of the original founding JON members each year enters his Jeanneau Arcadia in the Pink Boat Regatta in Washington State that raises funds for breast cancer research.


But I would like this to commence with a personal request to back my son Oli who in March will be running his 3rd marathon the UK in order to raise funding for a music facility for a disabled adventure playground in South London.


More information and donations to Oli’s project are on this secure Just Giving page.


Marty’s event is in September, so I will add more information and links to that later in the year.


I do hope that you will consider contributing, even in a very modest way, but fully respect those who choose not to participate.


Many thanks


Malcolm Perrins


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