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Installing fans in an SO36i (the easy way)

The following article first appeared on the Jeanneau Owners Forum and has been reproduced here by kind permission of the author


Sometimes in hot climates it is nice to get a bit of air circulation in the cabins and saloon so I decided to install some fans.


A quick look at the Jeanneau service manual indicated that Jeanneau use a standard wiring harness and although we did not get factory installed fans, the wiring harness is already there. This wiring comes from the fused distribution panel so once the wiring is located, installing the fans is extremely easy.


We have the 2 cabin version so in our model the pre-wiring exists for the port and starboard sides of the forward cabin, port and starboard sides of the saloon and also the aft cabin.


The photo below is the forward port side cloths locker with the rear panels removed. They are very easy to remove with two screws at the bottom of the lower panel and 4 screws for the upper panel. When the backing panels are removed it is all revealed. You can see the cable with the connectors ready for the fan to be connected to hanging down in front of the water filling tube. There is NO need to remove any of the panels with the lights (as I did) in the forward cabin or saloon.


This shows the port side saloon fan installation.

This shows the forward port side cabin fan installed. The rear panels on the clothes cupboard have not yet been replaced so you can see the fan is one side and the wiring on the other side of the mounting panel.

Last but not least the fuse must be installed to complete the circuit to the pre-wired harness.


This picture shows the fuse holders on the distribution panel. The fuse I installed for the fans is the second lowest fuse on the left hand side of the upper panel. You can see it looks slightly different to the factory installed fuses. I chose a 10amp fuse for this job. The book recommends a 6 amp but I only had a 10. For these circuits a 10 amp fuse will be fine.


The same procedure is adopted for the starboard side and the aft cabin.


Happy installing.


Trevor Bird - Sydney, Australia