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Jeanneau model names have only been relatively straightforward since the mid nineteen nighties, the naming systems used previously were extensive, complex and at times bizarre, with even some sister models having different branding. Further complexity occurs as some former Jeanneau models were also produced under licence with yet more new names, whilst many charter fleets use their own naming systems.


Some are significantly different versions, that whilst using the same basic hull and deck layouts may have substantially different rig and keel configurations, mostly evidently seen in the Sun Fast and Sun Odyssey ranges. Others represent evolution of design such as the Arcadia developing through the Sun Dream to become the Sun Way 28. In Norway several models were for a time marketed under the umbrella range of "Rush" possibly to build on the success of the original Ron Holland designed Jeanneau Rush 31. Most of the more recent numerous Sun Fast - Sun Odyssey - Sun Odyssey DS (Deck Saloon) variants are omitted for clarity.


The overview table below is a summary of known related models or alternative names.


ModelRelated Model
AquilaRush 84 (Scandinavia)
Atlantic 44Sun Magic / Sun Odyssey 44
AttaliaRush 97 (Scandinavia)
Balt Family 17Sun Fast 17
ArcadiaSun Dream / Sun Way 28 / Rush 90 (Scandinavia)
Brin de FolieFolie Douce
Cal 9.2Rush
Delphia 24Sun Odyssey 24.2
Delphia 31Sun Odyssey 319
Gin FizzGib'Sea 37 ketch or sloop
FantasiaSun Way 27 / Rush 77 (Scandinavia)
Folie DouceBrin de Folie
Jeanneau 28 (Canada)Sun Odyssey 28.1 / Sun Way 29
Jeanneau 35 (Canada)Sun Odyssey 36.2
Love LoveLove Junior
Moorings 554Sun Odyssey 54
Moorings 494Sun Odyssey 49
O'Day 39 & 40Sun Fizz
Olympic Sea 42Sun Legende
PokerGib'Sea Flush Poker
RushCal 9.2
Rush 77Fantasia
Rush 84Aquila
Rush 90Arcadia / Sun Dream 28 / Sun Way 28
Rush 97Attalia
Rush 111Sun Shine 36
Sun 24Majestic 24 Weekend
Sun Charm 39Sun Fast 39 / Sun Odyssey 39
Sun Dance 36Sun Odyssey 36
Sun DreamSun Way 28 / Arcadia
Sun Fast 17Balt Family 17
Sun Fast 26Sun Odyssey 26
Sun Fast 32Sun Odyssey 32.1
Sun Fast 39Sun Charm 39
Sun Fast 41Sun Legende
Sun FizzO'Day 39 & 40
Sun KissEspace 1100 (deck saloon version)
Sun LightSun Fast 31 / Sun Odyssey 31
Sun LegendeSun Fast 41 / Olympic Sea 42
Sun LibertySun Odyssey 34
Sun MagicSun Odyssey 44 / Atlantic 44
Sun Odyssey 24.2Delphia 24
Sun Odyssey 26Sun Fast 26
Sun Odyssey 28.1Sun Way 29 / Jeanneau 28 (Canada)
Sun Odyssey 31Sun Light / Sun Fast 31
Sun Odyssey 319Delphia 31
Sun Odyssey 32.1Sun Fast 32
Sun Odyssey 34Sun Liberty
Sun Odyssey 36Sun Dance 36
Sun Odyssey 36.2Jeanneau 35 (Canada)
Sun Odyssey 39Sun Charm 39
Sun Odyssey 42Voyage 12.50
Sun Odyssey 44Sun Magic
Sun Shine 36Rush 111 (Scandinavia)
Sun Way 27Fantasia / Rush 77
Sun Way 28Sun Dream / Arcadia / Rush 90
Sun Way 29Sun Odyssey 28.1
Voyage 12.50Sun Odyssey 42

































































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More documents may be found on the official Jeanneau company website www.jeanneau.com

The French language links may have more detail for some models.


Direct link for discontinued Sailboat models (English)


Direct link for models discontinued Sailboat models (French)


Bateau Ouest Atlantis also has useful data


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During the nineteen eighties Jeanneau developed the specialist racing division Jeanneau Techniques Avancées (JTA), who were also responsible for the development of the Lagoon range of catamarans. Following the acquisition of Jeanneau by Groupe Beneteau in 1995 production of the Lagoon range was transferred to CNB and a new dedicated division was established.


History - Lagoon Catamarans


Brief data information of the catamaran range built by Jeanneau from 1984 until 1995.


Lagoon Catamarans 1984 - 1995 data overview


Information on the newer models can be found on the Lagoon Website


Rotary Moulded dinghies

RIGIFLEX, created by Henri Jeanneau in 1980 is a range of heavy duty roto-molded polyethylene boats that include the Aquapeche, Newmatic, and Cap. Rigiflex became an independent business in 2010. Some overview specifications of the wide range of models are included with the Power boat section.

Power craft

The entire Jeanneau story started 60 years ago with Henri Jeanneau's passion for speed on the water. From a pedigree from highly successful racing exploits, initially in wooden power boats, the Jeanneau marque has developed a vast range of power craft that continue to be a critical part of the Jeanneau business. The Prestige model has been so successful that a new division within Groupe Beneteau was established in the mid nineties. Jeanneau power craft have ranged from very small boats to super luxury yachts, and have even included a range of river cruisers and some inshore fishing boats. The following table provides an overview of the diversity of the Jeanneau Powerboat stable.

Power overview specifications



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