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These Jeanneau specification overview tables allow all data on all Jeanneau sailing boats to be viewed in order sorted by:


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More documents may be found on the offical Jeanneau company website www.jeanneau.com

The French language links may have more detail for some models.


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Sail - multihulls


During the nineteen eighties Jeanneau developed the specialist racing division Jeanneau Techniques Avancées (JTA), who were also responsible for the development of the Lagoon range of catamarans. Following the acquisition of Jeanneau by Groupe Beneteau in 1995 production of the Lagoon range was transferred to CNB and a new dedicated division was established.


History - Lagoon Catamarans


Brief data information of the catamaran range built by Jeanneau from 1984 until 1995.


Lagoon Catamarans 1984 - 1995 data overview


Information on the newer models can be found on the Lagoon Website


Rotary Moulded dinghies

RIGIFLEX, created by Henri Jeanneau in 1980 is a range of heavy duty roto-molded polyethylene boats that include the Aquapeche, Newmatic, and Cap. Rigiflex became an independent business in 2010. Some overview specifications of the wide range of models are included with the Power boat section.

Power craft

The entire Jeanneau story started 60 years ago with Henri Jeanneau's passion for speed on the water. From a pedigree from highly succesful racing exploits, initially in wooden power boats, the Jeanneau marque has developed a vast range of power craft that continue to be a critical part of the Jeanneau business. The Prestige model has been so successful that a new division within Groupe Beneteau was established in the mid nineties. Jeanneau power craft have ranged from very small boats to super luxury yachs, and have even included a range of river cruisers and some inshore fishing boats. The following table provides an overview of the diversity of the Jeanneau Powerboat stable.

Power overview specifications



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