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Diesel Heater Installation for SO30i

Finally I got the installation of an air ducting heater done in my Sun Odysseay 30i. It was more work than expected at took quite a long time, especially the routing of the air ducting hoses.

As Diesel Heater I bought a german brand "Aeroheat". The manufacturer claims to have the most silent solution on the market.

There are versions for 12V, 24V in 2kW and 4kW as well as so called "Marine Kits". I went for a 12V 2kW Marine Kit:

I already did some research and had communication with some Forum members about what to put where. I also had the chance to have a look on a original Jeanneau SO33i installation.

Even if the SO33i is very similar to my SO30i she is still a bit bigger boat and has some more space here and there.

So the siting of the heater was clear to me. It went to the area astern of the outside port locker.

I used insulated air duct hoses all the way, they have an inner diameter of 75mm and an outside diameter of ~90mm. It wasn't easy to get this hose routed via the port side locker through the heads compartment into the main cabin. It was just enough space to do so. A lot of drilling and cutting into the separations needed to be done.

One outlet is placed to the head compartment (closeable outlet).

The second one came midship port side.

Due to the fact that the remote control has an integrated temperature sensor I placed it nearby the switch panel (even if I liked to have it in the aft cabin).

The diesel pump needed to be placed vertically nearby the diesel tank. The manufacturer claimed that it is a very silent pump but I can still hear a "ticking".

I connected the Power Supply straight to the main (engine) battery.

Because this battery is "only" used to start the engine and my auxilary battery has so many other consumers connected to, it seems to be an acceptable "risk".


Hansi - SO30iĀ - SevenElevenĀ - Germany