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SO30i Electric Windlass Installation

I bought my SO30i in 2013 more or less as standard version with not too many extras.
This winter I thought it maybe a good idea to have a windlass on my boat (not getting younger ;-).

I know for max. safety my SO30i should have a 8mm chain and a 15kg anchor but for weight reasons I decided to stay on my 10kg Cobra II anchor, get rid off the rusty 8mm chain and use a 6mm stainless steel chain (30m) instead.

The next decision was the type of windlass. I knew that the SO33i has a Lofrans 1000W windlass.
Due to cost reasons I decided to go for the Lofrans X1 700W with a 6mm gypsy.

At least I think this should do for not too bad weather.

I needed to buy additionally

- 11m wire with black jacket 25mm^2

- 11m wire with red jacket 25mm^2

- a 70A circuit breaker

- a handheld remote control

- ring terminals 8*M6 & 2*M10

- a crimp tool for the ring terminals

Hansi - SO30iĀ - SevenElevenĀ - Germany