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Windpilot Pacific installation on SO30i

It's winter here in Germany and the boat is ashore for nearly half a year ???

For me this is the time to dream the dream of the big cruise :) Santa must have recognized that and brought a "Windpilot Pacific" to SevenEleven which I just installed.

I still need to wait until April to test it, so there is a little time left to share my installation with you ...

The unit is a Windpilot Pacific - www.windpilot.com

My videos below the unit in operation on SevenEleven.


It seems the Windpilot Pacific works according to the manufacturers expectations. It's still me that needs to fully learn what is achievable "as thousands before" me.

So what I learned so far sailing in my configuration was:

- Winds below 10knots especially from aftwards causes much greater course uncertaincies (>20°)

- Winds above 10knots work pretty well especially when sailing on a close reach and the conditions are stable (< 10°)

- On each wind force change (also on stronger wind gusts) and/or the heel is changing I need to adjust the control chain to the tiller in order to achieve a good course stability according to the appearing/relative wind.

I am not unhappy with my Windpilot Pacific and it's installation but coming from an autopilot (here Raymarine ST1000+) you need to learn what is achievable and what isn't.

I have no comparison to other systems, so it may be still the best system which on the market.

Especially at low winds I will try to do some (for higher winds recoverable) modification to the system...


There are more comments on this installation on the Jeanneau Forum page:

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