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Additional Water Tank - SO34.2

Fitting the optional 2nd water tank for the SO34.2 under the forwrd cabin berth. The following photos should be mainly self-explanatory.

The tank used was supplied by Jeanneau but other tanks may be fabricated or modified to suit.


Overflow/air vent                                                               Water take off (internal dipstick)


Water intake                                                               Batten reinforcing for support


Polystyrene insulation to avoid condensation on berth above


Air vent and deck filler     Deck filler (note set inboard to avoid deck mouldings)     Deck filler in hanging locker


Manifold detail under galley sink.


Mounting on teak batten fixed between bulkheads - all push fit plumbing parts have not leaked (yet) allows simple switching between tanks.


I did not fix the level indicator on the second tank as I was nervous of possible leaks.


In practice we tend to use the aft tank most, so the lack of a gauge for the forward tank is not a problem. Overall has been well worth the hassle of fitting and the loss of storage below the forward berth.


Malcolm Perrins