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Budget Anchor Lights

Trevor Bird gives a budget idea for extra visibility while anchored

When I was recently at our local grocery store, I noticed garden lights at the special price of $2 each. These lights have a small solar panel to recharge an internal battery and a small white LED that glows when the sun goes down. We were about to spend a couple of weeks on the boat so I purchased one to try. I hoped it may provide some illumination lower and closer to the deck than the normal mast head anchor light. During the day it would recharge and when the sun went down it would automatically light. It would run for between 6-8 hours and I thought it may provide a greater degree of safety if one of these was located at strategic locations on the yacht. They require no maintenance, are very cheap, do not require any wiring at all and do not even need to be switched on. On a very dark night they are surprisingly visible. I would not suggest they are a substitute for the bright mast head anchor light but they may provide extra visibility closer to the water. The quality is as you would expect for a product of this price so seasonal replacement can be expected.

Trevor Bird - Sapphire