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Cockpit Table and Drink Holder

for Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 362

(applicable to other models)

I wanted a simple table that I could remove and store in the Aft Port Lazarette, light weight, strong enough to handle some weight and large enough for at least four. I started with some basic 3 inch lumber from the local hardware store, a pre-manufactured table top, some stainless screws, stainless hardware, zinc/galvanized picture hangers, some felt pads, some Velcro straps and some conduit straps. The key to mounting the assembly to the binnacle are the four Arlington Quick Latches. These latches are conduit hangers and turned out to be a perfect fit for the table mount. I wrapped the binnacle pipe with some Velcro straps to create a tight fit for the quick latches. Some oblong Velcro pads at the bottom of each vertical support keep the wood from scratching the cockpit floor. The quick latches allow for complete removal of the table support if you ever needed to. No holes were drilled in any of the binnacle components for mounting.


The picture hangar makes a good support and allowed me to create an interchangeable drink holder for when we are underway. The construction is simple and took me about 3 hours to build. I built it in the cockpit at the dock. It is a good size for a company of four, but in a pinch, you could have a fifth guest sitting in the companionway and still with the crew at the table. The drink holder is a simple five sided container. I used some small 1/8" black carbon fiber rods for the front support. I did not keep track of the costs, but I would guess the cost for both the table and the drink holder together is approximately $120.


SV Starlight - Sun Odyssey 362