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Goiot Wheel Pedestal Repair

Refixing the loose grab handle -

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The Goiot steering pedestal fitted to some of the Sun Odysseys made around 2000-2007, including the SO34.2 and SO37, are prone to corrosion due to a mixture of alloy and stainless steel resulting in seizure and looseness as the tubing and bolts cannot then be tightened.


The problem: The grab handle just forward of the wheel can become loose, but if you try and tighten the bolts up you WILL find they are seized in the ally tubing.


The solution: Shear off the 5mm allen key bolts by just trying to undo them.


Once off you will then have to take 3 inch brace tubes to your local machine shop for them to drill a 6mm hole ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

You will then have to buy 2 x m6 x 100mm STAINLESS bolts (I got mine from ebay).

With the brace bars now drilled out the new are ready to fit!

Almost done ... dry run just to make sure it all fitted up OK.

I gave the bolts a GOOD helping of snap on never seize grease prior to fitting.

The nut from inside the binnacle.


Grab handle is now firmly fixed, and with the amount of grease I used it should be a few years before it all seizes and can't be tightened up anymore.


IanQV - SO37 - French Connection


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