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Hydrovane Installation

Fitting to the Sun Odyssey 40 - On Y Va

Main aim was to keep the bathing platform free, so I had to move the bathing ladder to the other side, as I have a radar pole on the SB side. The offset of the Hydrovane rudder is 28cm, so it will still have some protection of the keel and rudder.

The white filler plates behind the brackets, I made out of Vetus polywood, as I did not want the alu bracket feet directly on the polyester and I didn´t think teak would look so nice on this particular boat. Besides that polywood is much stronger and last better than teak.

Inside are 22mm plywood plates with Sikaflex between plate and hull, with 50mm polywood washers (and stainless washers ofcourse). I did the 50mm polywood washers, as stainless steel ones tend to be pressed into the wood over time. Now this is not possible. To overcome the slight roundness of the transom at the H-bracket (the lowest one), I didn´t shave off the polywood, but made a "bed" of thickened epoxy, which filled any space. Much quicker that way.


The dark grey tubes you see in photos above are temporary 50mm PVC tubes, which I used to make everything fit and to size. All I had to do was cut the stainless tubes to the lengths of these PVC tubes and hey presto!


In hindsight, I maybe should have had two polywood washers plates behind the H-bracket, as with one I found out I could not fit the rudder on the shaft, as it was missing 4mm because the top of the rudder touching the underside of the rubber bumperstrip on the transom. I could have dropped the shaft, but that ment it would be even closer to the water. Now it´s clearing the water by about 1,5cm. But, rather than having a thicker (double) washer plate, I cut away the underside of the rubber transom bumper strip. It is not visible anyway, unless you are swimming near it and now all washer plates behind the brackets look the same.

One thing I have not worked out yet is how to run the two steering lines. For now I have them going to the cockpit table leg, but that means having to step over it if you want to move from one steering wheel to the other. In time I am sure I will find a cunning way of doing this.

All in all a succesful installation I am very happy about. The Hydrovane is shown below "in action" in a video from my "SY On y va" FaceBook page. It is amazing how well this Hydrovane works.


There is also a full discussion and background on the installation of this Hydrovane system on the Jeanneau Forum at: Hydrovane Self Steering