Hints and Tips



Lift Keel Anode Change - Sun Odyssey 35

With the boat in the slings and the keel wound down remove the nut and bolt securing the keel lifting mechanism to the keel.

Unscrew the side panel from the mechanism cover under the table to reveal the Keel Mechanism, remove the 2 securing screws.

Withdraw the mechanism upwards into the boat and remove from the boat. (Plastic bags help keep the grease on the mechanism and off the furniture).

The old anode (mine was 5 years old) can now be removed and replaced. The whole mechanism was then cleaned and greased.

Re-assembly is a simple reverse but I lowered the boat slightly to lift the keel about 5mm to facilitate replacing the linkage/Keel nut and bolt. With the keel raised the boat was lowered to the ground and the mechanism unwound from inside. This allowed me to re-seal the plastic boss and refit the 2 securing screws.

As Jeanneau could not supply the anode I obtained a piece of flat anode material cut it to shape and drilled a 6.5 mm hole in it. As the whole process took place whilst the boat was in the slings time was important, but the whole exercise took less than 15 mins.


Mick Bond - Fleur Of Pendle - Sun Odyssey 35