Hints and Tips



Pushpit Strengthening

Standard pulpit rails are only designed to keep crew safe and secure. So when heavy loads, such as outboard motors and liferafts are fitted they impose considerable extra leverage and stress on the original mountings, which can lead to stress cracks.

The pushpit can be reinforced quite simply, in a number of neat ways such as ones pictured above and below that were designed and fabricated by Mr. Stainless - Levington Suffolk, UK. www.mrstainless.co.uk The welding can even by done without requireing removal of the pushpit and whilst the boat is still afloat.


A similar, but "no welding" solution was used on Sun Odyssey 42DS "Etoile" in Sydney, for owners Brenda & David Owen who went to Lee Condell of Performance Boating and Carl Hanly from Cosine Shipwrights for the build and installation. In addition to supporting heavy additional items, they also serve as excellent handles when stepping on and off the transom steps at the marina, or when getting into and out of an inflatable dinghy and when using the swim ladder.