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Rudder Upper Bearing Support Frame Repair

As fitted to some larger Jeanneau's from around 1990 to 2000 including the SO45.1, SO52.2 and International 50


Originally posted on the Jeanneau Owners Forum Credit to Ubuysa and Normane for the photos and information.


The upper bearing support frame on some of the larger Jeanneau's manufactured from around the mid 1990's until early 2000's have been found to be prone to rusting.


It is possible that this is due to salt water leaking through the emergency tiller cover plate. This problem has been reported on SO45.1, SO45.2 and the International 50 - and so may also effect the similar SO51 and SO52.2 designs.

The frame is difficult to inspect whilst in situ as it is located directly below the cockpit floor and emergency tiller cover. Initially inspect for any obvious rust by illuminating with a torch through the cover plate hole, but it may require the rudder and top frame to be removed to allow for a full inspection and then to facilitate remedial work.

Owners have had local replacement frames constructed with a slope on the upper surface, plus filler to avoid water becoming trapped. The frame should also be hot dipped galvanized and/or fully epoxy coated before reinstallation.


A variation of the above on a 1998 45.2 which had corrosion limited to the central part of the steel frame, shown below. In order to avoid the risk that a complete replacement in stainless might not be a perfect fit, or might not align the bearing accurately enough, some adjustment was incorporated in the reconstruction.


The central rusted section of the original was cut-out, then the remaining frame piece was de-rusted thoroughly and fitted with a new stainless centre section that was bolted into place with enough play in the bolt holes to allow fine adjustment to align the bearings before final tightening.


The rubber bush holding the bearing was pressed out before the centre section was cut away. It required considerable force of hydraulic press (the gauge registered over a ton) before it started to move.


The photo shows the assembly, but note it is upside down.


Originally posted on the Jeanneau Owners Forum Credit to Ubuysa and Normane for the photos and information.