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Sun Odyssey 32 Swing Keel Removal

The Jeanneau technical drawing below is for the SO26 but is the same design as the SO32. (click image to download as pdf)


* The swing keel is very heavy (80 kilograms) and awkward to manoeuvre

* At least three people are needed to remove and replace the keel

* The boat needs to be blocked up high enough to safely drop the keel


“Point A” below (between the keels) refers to the two right angled plates which locate the shaft through the swing keel and two nylon bushes pressed in either side of the keel.
“Point B” below (forward bow end part of swing keel) refers to the pulley which the rope wraps around to lift the keel up and down.



1. To remove the swing keel you will need to block the boat up high enough to allow the top part of the keel to clear the underneath of the hull. This will be at least 14” from the base of the keel to the ground. This height will give you easier access to the 6 bolts which will need to be undone. These are 2 either side at Point A (= 4) and 1 either side at Point B (=2).

The boat could be blocked higher than in the photo (if safe!) to allow easier access


2. Lower the keel by means of the lifting rope mechanism so that the bottom of the keel is resting on the ground. Take the slack out of the rope mechanism so that it is just tight.

3. Partly undo the 4 bolts (which are approx. 25 mm long) at Point A but leave about 10 mm of thread length still threaded into the main keels as you will see that the swing keel angle plates have dropped away from the twin keel casting.

4. Block the swing keel at some point along the keel to take the weight of the keel and make it safe. Be aware that it will also need to be supported from both sides to keep it from falling over.

5. Fully release and extract the 4 bolts at Point A and remove pulley assembly.

6. Remove the 2 bolts at Point B. Go inside the boat to take up all slack on the lifting rope. With help of two people, one at either end of the keel, lift the keel slightly and remove the blocks one at a time whilst holding the keel steady and releasing the rope slowly from inside the boat. Continue until the swing keel is parallel to the ground.

7. At this point you should see the shackle at the end of the keel lifting point. Release this shackle and then slide the keel forward for inspection and any work that is required.

The bushes will probably need replacing as well as the pivot shaft which is welded onto one of the angled keel holding plates. It may well be that this weld around the shaft is either cracked slightly or completely.

8. To refit, reverse the above procedure. This will require some patience while manoeuvring the keel to line up to refit the 6 bolts.

If you need to get to the main lifting rope mechanism you should unscrew the inspection cover under the saloon table on the port side.

Sun Odyssey 32 “Peggy”


There is information on the Jeanneau integral swing keel (Sun Odyssey 35) at: www.jeanneau-owners.com/hintsandtips/SO35Liftkeel.html