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Sun Odyssey 33i Lift Keel Bush Renewal

We (Gill, my wife, and I) have recently removed our lifting keel from our Sun Odyssey 33i to try and discover the reason why there was so much lateral movement and to check if anything was a miss.


Before we undertook this job we had to do a lot of research checking the weights of the parts that had to be removed etc, at one point we had a keel weight of 1500Kg for the keel but in the end by tracing the part number through the "Jeanneau Spare Parts Network" and getting the part number for the lifting part of the keel, we then cross referenced this buy asking several Jeanneau dealers if they could confirm the weight of the particular part, we arrived at the weight of 40Kg for the part that we were removing.


The lifting keel version of the Sun Odyssey 33i has a very similar arrangement to the Sun Odyssey 30i (30i/33i) except the stabilising wings on the stub keel look to be further forward on the 33i. The detailed article by Rene on the how he removed the SO30i plate is important background reading:



Luckily for us there was not a lot wrong, one of the bushes had come unstuck and was moving about in its recess.


The following photos should assist owners of the the SO30i and SO33i and probably several other Jeanneau models on what they can expect to find and how to check the wear level of the bush/bearing.


Keel as removed


Looking up inside keel box


bush removed


bush removed - note wear pads


old worn bush


new replacement bush


first coat of coppercoat


coppercoat finished


new bush inserted after sikaflex trimmed


I used some lanyards to restrain the keel when lowering it and then for lifting back into position. Connecting up the lanyards has to be done through the inspection hatch under the saloon table and was a bit fiddly, you just have to be patient that’s all....

Take care when handling the keel. The very tip appears to be made of a resin compound and is very brittle, which didn't take kindly to slipping off the block of wood...

repaired keel tip


Quite happy to talk through/explain any of the procedure if required.


Mike & Gill Davies - SO33i - Scorpions


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