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Lift Keel Mounting - Sun Odyssey 35

I own a 2005 SO 35 lift keel. When I first acquired the boat I was interested in how the lifting keel was mounted and how it could be removed. I corresponded with Jeanneau in France and received the following information:-


To remove the large pin holding the centreboard at its pivot point, you will need to loosen and remove the 2 set screws (located to either side of the opening). You will not need to remove the forward 2 screws as these serve to position the centreboard in its down position only.


The pin is then removed from the holes in the side of the keel box (see photo).


This hole may have been filled in time with putty, but it will need to be cleaned out and then the pin can be hammered out.


Below are the detail of the shim washers and pin used in the mounting at this pivot point.


For reference:

Derive = Centreboard

Saumon = Keel Box

Rondelle De Reglage = Adjusting spacer washer

Selon Besoin = As required


I was interested in how the set screws that secure the pivot shaft were installed and so sent an additional request for information as there seemed two possibilities. IE Did the set screws go completely through the pivot shaft into the keel or did was the retaining bolt just tapped into the pivot shaft?

The reply from Jeanneau confirmed that it is installed as in bolt "B" on the above drawing. This means that the securing set screws are tapped into the keel.


The position of the pivot shaft can be seen in the second photo above before it is filled, and the 2 set screws to be loosened and removed are highlighted in the first photo of my keel.


As can be seen that the two set screws have allen key heads so removing them could be very problematic after, in my case, 12 years. To drill them out would be equally problematic as you would need to drill the set screws all the way through the pivot shaft to release the shaft. I have never had the need to remove the keel plate or attempted to loosen the set screws or 'dig out' the ends of the pivot shaft. I have inspected the keel out of the water in the slings every year, whilst greasing the raising screw and changing the anode, and not detected any wear in the pivot.


The pivot bolt is very substantial for the lifting plate and I am not aware of any SO35 that has had to have the plate removed. I hope this information is helpful but suggest you enquire direct to Jeanneau if you have an issue with your keel.


You may also wish to check your anode as detailed here


Finally these two drawings helpfully show more keel specification details:


Mick Bond - Fleur Of Pendle - Sun Odyssey 35