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Autopilot - Garmin (Jefa) Installation - SO35

Garmin GHP 12 Class A linear drive unit


The Unit:

Click above image for technical data (Unit manufactured by Jefa for Garmin)


Choosing a mounting location:


After measuring the space available in the rudder/quadrant section and after reading the installation manual, I decided that ideally the Garmin drive unit should be mounted as much as possible in parallel with the bottom of the swim platform. In order to comply with the minimum and maximum free movement of the unit as per manufacturers instructions, the inside of the swim platform inside had to be extended to starboard and bow by 15 cm. The plywood extension concoction I prepared was first glued with fast cure epoxy followed by glassing in to make it rock solid. Gelcoat was painted over just for cosmetic reasons.



Installing the tiller and tiller pin:



The drive can be installed directly to the quadrant or to a tiller that is mounted to the rudder shaft. I installed a Jefa tiller (made for 50mm shafts) and the tiller pin.


Mounting the drive unit:


First, I attached the drive unit to the tiller followed by drilling and securing the drive unit to the glassed extension with SS bolts and nylocks.


Calibration of the Drive Unit:


Before connecting the drive unit to the electronics, it is essential to test the movement of the drive unit and make sure it is not restricting the full movement of the quadrant from bumper to bumper. Adjust the tiller angle to ensure the quadrant is not restricted.


Sergio - SO35 - Matilda - Vancouver, Canada


The article first appeared here on the Jeanneau Owners Forum