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Sun Odyssey 37 Wheel Pedestal Upgrade


I gave up on the old Goiot pedestal which was just too corroded and too flimsy for our liking. The aluminum grab bar was barely fastened and the tubing didn't leave much room for wiring for the instruments.

Image above shows the original Goiot steering pedestal fitted to the Sun Odyssey 37.


I looked at different options and elected to buy the Edson unit (model 490-MH-211T) from Defender. (We are located in Ontario Canada).


One big problem, the old unit crossed the chain in the vertical piping and the Edson unit did not. So I took the old idler wheels and offset them a bit. Under the cockpit floor (and above the aft bunk ) I added two other sheaves to cross the cables and keep them from rubbing on each other.


I added a U-bolt at the bottom of the pedestal to clip my harness to. The square footprint is just enough to cover the round mark from the old pedestal, but I had to drill 4 new holes. We also changed the wheel to the folding Lewmar wheel - it really opens up the cockpit.

The new single lever shifter came with the new pedestal, it went in fine with the old cables. It took a bit of adjusting, but they work well. I put a navpod above the beefy stainless grab bar with the 4 instruments. The pedestal has no place for a compass so I put a small vertical one in the Navpod. The pedestal has a flat top that is made for a plotter, but I use my iPad all the time so I haven't put one there yet. We really like the lower height of the unit. It makes socializing in the cockpit better, everyone can see everyone when we are sitting down. My mate can see over the navpod when she steers.


It was a lot of work to install the pedestal, - but now we are glad that it's in.


Dennis & Ann Angle - SO37 Chumu