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Plotter Pod upgrade options for SO39i

John Flanagan & Leif Risberg


Option 1

I absolutely hated the fact that I was unable to see the GPS clearly from either helm position on my 2009 Jeanneau 39i.  In order to put in waypoints, I actually would have to put a cushion on the cockpit floor and sit there and input them! Forget it if I was in a tight navigational situation. It was impossible to look at the screen and drive the boat at the same time.

In attempting to find an appropriate solution when i decided to upgrade my electronics, I came across a new Navpod that I thought that I could use along with a creative mount that would work great.  The pod rotates left and right so that the new multi screen is visible and useable from both helm positions.  

I worried a little about being able to pass between it and the wheels, but soon realized after installing it, there are absolutely no issues.  Attached are the before and after photos.  I used a piece of 1/2” starboard to cover the old GPS cut-out on the table pedestal.  I used common SS railing mounts for the upper and lower mounts and a short piece of 1” SS tube in-between.  All together the mounts and tube were less than $40.  I had to create a small wedge for the bottom mount out of starboard due to the standard angles that were available for the rail mounts.  

The hardest piece of the installation was cutting the hole into the 1” stainless!!  I wound up using a bench grinder, which took some patience, but worked nicely in the end.  I had to use a dremel tool to smooth all the sharp edges.  the wiring was simple….the bulky parts of the cables remain up in the pod so only the power wire (which is already there) and the seatalking cable need to pass through the 1” tube.

This installation resolved all of my previous issues.


John Flanagan


Option 2

I made the plotter installation shown below which I am very pleased with. The adjustable base is produced by Scanstrut. Between the adjustable base and plotter bracket I inserted a new s/s plate for attachment. By removing the existing table light I was able to replace with the new stainless steel L-bracket and fix onto the original fitting, so I didn't have to drill any holes. The L-bracket was first a little bit too thin so I had to reinforce it.

Now it provides good visibility of the plotter from the steering position. The old position for the plotter under the table is covered with fiber glass. I will probably install a VHF there in the future.

Leif Risberg