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Sun Odyssey 42DS Companionway handles

Improvements to our Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DS "Etoile"


It is quite common that there is nothing to grab onto at the entry area of companionways. The 42DS has handles on top of the timber surrounding the companionway, however, these are not effective as one makes their way down the first few steps.


Noting this when our boat was being commissioned, we asked our local agent, Lee Condell to provide a solution that was compatible with other equipment on board. The leather covered handles shown in the photo are the result.


They really work well and are very helpful for everyone, particularly for children and visitors who are not all that familiar with boats.

Our local agent, Lee Condell of Performance Boating working with Carl Hanly from Cosine Shipwrights, arranged the fabrication and installation.


Brenda & David Owen Sun Odyssey 42DS - Etoile - Sydney, Australia