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Sun 2000 Mast Lowering Kit


Click to download pdf of mast lowering instructions from owners Manual


We bought this year our first small sailing boat after years of motoring, because of limited height dimensions of our garage door and parking space we opted for the Sun 2000, with the additional of a mast lowering kit. We plan to store the boat in our garage, which is only about 600m from the harbour.

Jeanneau sell a very nice mast lowering kit, however we made and recommend some changes:

* For erecting the mast, the long boom which is used at front of the mast base, we made this item about 25 cm longer by cutting this and sliding another stainless pipe over it and welding it again. This permits using the trailer winch to erect the mast, since the boat is always on the trailer while erecting the mast, so this is now so easy that one can with one hand - erect the mast alone by using the trailer winch with the steel cable attached to one end of the boom

* The other important items we added /changed are inner supports for the mast, included in the mast lowering kit is a strut to hold the mast while transporting the boat - this strut is placed in the supports for the rudder, which means one has always to demount the rudder, even for a small distance of transport and removing and then remounting the rudder isn't always easy, so we have bought at our Jeanneau dealer 2 more attachment supports brackets and simply mounted the an the inner side of the boat, we could even for the upper one use the same bolts and place of the original outer support, For the lower one we had to drill some holes and using inox-stainless screws.

* Finally we also had to shorten the mast strut tube a little bit, but now it is very easy to transport the boat without removing the rudder.

Herman Tavernier - Belgium