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Sun Legende 41 Window Upgrade

New windows for my Sun Legende 41 “Elvira”


The old original style windows were leaking and we wanted a better solution than the original one.


What originally was a solution within the original construction evolved quite much during the winter. We made a new design inspired by todays design by Jeanneau, but there is no boat in the range with a similar solution.


The Swedish factory Ømetall (www.ometall.se) make windows from autocad-drawings. Ømetall deliver to Najad, Malø and Farr pilothouse and many more yards so we rightly expected the standard to be very high.


We were told by a local boatbuilder that the bigger windows should be no problem for the strength, but we reinforced the frontal part of the area around the windows closest to the mast with carbon and epoxy.


The frames are made of stainless steel and they are beautifully polished to a very high standard.

The boat is a 1987-model and we painted the boat two years ago. We live in Skien, in the south-east coast of Norway and others Sun Legende-owners are welcome to take a closer look at our solution.


Tore Øyvind Moen - SL41 Elvira - Norway