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Jeanneau Tonic 23 Outboard Options

Two owners make modifications to the outboard well


Previous owner Jim Papas of the Tonic 23 Été enclosed the engine well area. By installing remote controls and a thru-hull exhaust to keep fumes out of cockpit. It gave an overall noise reduction plus excellent manoeuvrability. He quoted that "People think that I have a small diesel on my boat".


Another owner Mark Weissler modified his Tonic "Kittyhawk" to accommodate 9.9 hp Honda 4-stroke.

4-Stoke technology solves just about every problem that a well-mounted outboard motor causes, i.e. noise, fumes, fuel mixing and bad performance.


The only problem is that the Tonic 23's well is too small. This upgrade provided the space solution.


Cutting with a Dremel tool and keyhole saw went smoothly (Wear Mask). Epoxy, fiberglass mat and gel coat over a stiff plastic liner was simple, strong, waterproof and effective. Also replaced was the engine mount, with a slightly stronger one, which was also epoxy-coated.


Inside, steel plates seat stainless thru-bolts. Now with this upgrade and a 20"-shaft Honda 9.9 4-stroke outboard with prop exhaust, the Tonic 23 moves through the water at low-rev almost silently, with no fumes detectable, and no fumes entering the cabin. Plus the engine charges the batteries quite well. The 20" shaft has never come out of the water, even in rough seas.


I would suggest the outboard be ordered with the remote control throttle/shifter and short cable (The tiller throttle style will not let the hatch close due to the larger engine size, and will have to be disconnected and zip-tied to the well interior if you wish to close the hatch). The feel is incredibly secure and responsive, forward and reverse.


We can now motor for hours in comfort (240+ mi. motor-cruising on 24 gallon tank). Gas consumption is minimal at about 10-miles per gallon at an average of 7-knots over the ground, even while pulling an inflatable dinghy. We have run the motor for an entire season with excellent results. A fork-lift makes easy work of installing and pulling the engine at the local marina for service at dry-dock.


We are now enjoying our Jeanneau Tonic 23 more than ever.


Credit to Jim Papas and Mark Weissler for the above images and text.