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Additional Fuel Tank Options

Here are some options that Jeanneau Owners on our Jeanneau Owners Forum have come up with to extend their motoring range.


Jerry cans are probably the simplest option, but it can be very difficult, even using a funnel to safely transfer the contents whilst at sea.

The use of a self priming syphon hose (widely available) makes the task simple and safe.



Jerry cans may be stored on deck, but be aware of UV degradation and possible theft issues. If possible they are better stored in a locker – or if room ideally in the self draining liferaft locker.


A similar option is the use of a bladder tank, these can be stored either on deck or in a locker.

Example from ATL tanks


Care is needed to avoid chafe – perhaps use large bubble wrap or similar to line any locker after inspection and elimination of sharp edges. Temporary deck storage also provides the possibility of rigging a temporary gravity feed line direct to the engine in case of fuel pump failure or extreme main tank contamination.


If you have or instal a watermaker then the space occupied by one of the water tanks (if considered surplus...) might be used to for diesel fuel – but blue and green plastic water tanks are not normally suitable for diesel, so a new tank of the correct specification will probably be required.


There are a variety of conflicting opinions on the most suitable material for diesel tanks. Stainless steel, alloy, welded plastic and roto-moulded plastic are all options, it is best to research the subject depending on your own requirements and preferences.


A Norwegian owner – Xlnt, of a Sun Odyssey 42DS shared a clever and simple idea on the Jeanneau Owners forum which adds a Plastimo 70 litre tank inline to the existing fuel filling line in “wasted” space aft of the rudder as shown below:

The original hose from the deck filler was diverted to the new tank filler, then a new hose was connected from the new tank outlet to the original tank filler line. As the new tank is sitting just a bit higher than the old, gravity takes care of moving fuel from the new tank to the old tank, without need for any additional plumbing.

Access is limited and possibly the propane locker was temporarily removed to gain access during the installation.


Chuck on his SO40DS had a custom built stainless steel diesel tank fitted the aft cabin berth which holds about 190 litres.

This was matched to an additional set of valves and a racor filter that allows either tank to be used at any time


Weight and trim need to be considered when increasing fuel storage, there is likely to be some impact on sailing performance, especially if the general rule of keeping weight out of the ends and as low as possible is not followed.


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