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Amiot/Goiot Genoa Cars

Sailbleu shows how to refurbish them


This article is based on this forum topic where our resident technical guru "Sailbleu" shows how to refurbish the worn Amiot Genoa main rollers fitted in their sheet cars. Cars of this design were fitted to many Jeanneau's during the 1990's and up to around 2005.

The original standard main roller was a hard plastic which had a tendency to wear badly under heavy load as the rollers stop rolling due to the pressure compressing against the bearings. Any movement of the sheet then slowly wears into the roller.

Amiot later offered a replacement aluminum roller to overcome the problem, but at a price. An additional problem is that the original sheave pin was a machine pressed fitting that had to be drilled out to remove.

In his words and images below Sailbleu shows two options, turning and fitting a replacement nylon sheave and also one from alloy.

................Yesterday I've spent some time in my own Disneyworld - being my garage that is - having fun and keeping some money in my pocket. I decided to make the sheaves myself and after making the plastic ones I came up with the idea of also fabricating an alu copy. All was done in less than a day.

The worn sheave of the sheet slider, result of 6 years intensive sailing. Goiot/Amiot should never of sold/sell them in plastic , but apparently they did.


Once cut to the proper length I could shape the cone on my lathe.


Working my way from the edges up to the center. Piece of cake.


Turning the bolt on the left into a sheave axle pin on the right also required the cooperation of my lathe. And maybe in this part some readers may have second thoughts about using a bolt as an axle pin. Perhaps the thread will wear out the inside of the sheave, I guess I'll have to see what happens after a while and eventually change the idea. I didn't have any bolts with partial thread, but when I start noticing too much play I'll get to a shop and buy a few suitable 12mm bolts.

I prefer using a screwed system instead of a fixed pressed on axis so things stay replaceable.


Same here, standard nut on the left needs to modified to becomeas shown on right.


As you might of noticed, along the way I decided -as an experiment - to also make a alu sheave with some leftover alu rod. So one slider is equipped with a plastic sheave, the other with an alloy one. Time will tell.


This is how it looks fully mounted.


Port side angle pictures


Starboard side angle pictures


This is the port side refitted to the track with the alloy sheave, I took care to place the nut side towards the windows because it is sticking out a bit which is not a good idea in a passage way on a boat.


Starboard in plastic.

Voilà , I saved about 200 Euro shipment included, but what is more important, I had a great time in my Garden of Eden.

Some people make crossword puzzles to keep their synapses and neurons busy, I like to make things.

Keeps us young ,... just in spirit that is