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Anchor Locker Drain Improvement - SO37

My anchor locker ALWAYS has 3 ltrs of water in it because the drain holes that Jeanneau drill from new are TWO inches higher than they should be!! (Grrrrrrrr!!!!!)


So, now totally fed up with my anchor chain and rope sitting in 2 inches of salt water 24/7 - and also causing a nice brown dribble stain on the outside of my nice shiny hull, it was time to sort out Jeanneau's mistake!!


So in a nutshell I sunk a drain in to the base of the locker and then out through the side of the hull......


This is how it was done:


Outside of the hull... and the nice brown rust stain!


This is the water that ends up just sitting in the locker! Nice!!


Once the anchor locker has been cleaned out / dried and then cleaned and dried....

I drilled the 17mm hole to take the skin fitting.

Be sure to check you can get to the underside with your spanner first!!

View from the inside showing the skin-fitting sealed in with marine sealer..


This pic (taken during daylight just for illustration...) - I got Mrs Ianqv to hold a torch against the outside of the hull so I could see where to drill my hole whilst I was laying in the forepeak.


I then drilled the outside of the hull, applied sealer to the stainless skin fitting and tightened it up from the inside.


Skin fitting tight... about to wipe the excess sealer away


And now the important bit (no... not open a bottle of wine!!)

Join the two skin fittings together with reinforced pipe. I then put two jubilee clips around each fitting.


I left the original anchor locker drain holes alone, working on the basis if the locker gets swamped in big waves - it'll just drain quicker!


Job done.... took about an hour!! now I have an anchor locker that actually drains!!


Finally - open the wine!!


Ian QV SO37