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Bimini Solar install on SO42DS

Jeanneau Forum Member "Mistroma" provides the detail


I fitted a 100W Lensun semi-flexible to the bimini awning this year.


My Youtube video provides the information on my choice and fitting method.


I don't think it performs as well as the rigid panels but was worth fitting. I suspect that the output curve has more of a peak than the rigid panels and so output is low with a PMW regulator. It seems to behave more like a 60W panel than a 100W one but output is near 100W if SC Amps measured. I'm going to get a better regulator for next year. That should give me 100Ah/day or 140Ah if I can put on another 100W panel and even 345W won't give a surplus out side of mid-summer.

My PMW regulator works well with the rigid panels as I can tweak the settings. It throws away a lot of power with the standard settings as it thinks my batteries are charged at 85%. Pushing the V max. to 15V means it always pushes everything into the batteries. Voltage drop means the batteries never see more than 14.8V and this is exactly what the manufacturers suggest. I drop back to standard settings on very rare marina visits during summer.