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Swim Ladder Release

The standard attachment to hold the swim ladder in the “up’’ position is a very simple piece of shock cord. Prior to taking delivery of our boat, we were told of a situation where a person who was holding onto the swim ladder for support fell into the water when he placed a load on the ladder. The shock cord gave way. This was at a time when the yacht was reversing into the marina and could have been fatal except for the quick actions of the skipper.


As a result, our local agent, Lee Condell of Performance Boating working with Carl Hanly from Cosine Shipwrights, arranged for the snap shackle shown in the photo to be installed. It works perfectly and is very solid.


We propose turning it through 90 degrees, by simply adding a shackle between the snap shackle and the saddle on the ladder, so that the pull cord faces down towards the water. We will put a longer pull line on it so that the snap shackle can be released from a person who is in the water. This would be ideal in an emergency situation where a person has fallen overboard and has only themselves to save them.


Brenda & David Owen

Sun Odyssey 42DS "Etoile"

Sydney, Australia