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Teak companionway doors for a SO 42i

Bjørn Hagen makes a very smart teak door upgrade


I had an annoying problem when entering the saloon on my SO 42i 2008, as you have to remove the plexi-glass door panel and put back every time you leave the boat even for a short while, result banging into walls if you are not careful. So what did I do? Made a new one and put in on the outside of the original. I can still use the original if necessary, such as in a heavy sea. They are held in place with TEC-7. The cost was not much, all items were made with teak wood at a local wood work shop, in Stavanger Norway, and cost roughly $500.



Teak Door Dimensions Drawings - Download PDF

I have also made a new stand for the plotter on the table and a small teak cabinet that fits in the hole where the plotter used to be.

Plotter Infill Drawings - Download PDF

Bjørn Hagen- Norway