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Replacing the Corian Worktop

Simon King renews the galley worksurface on his Sun Odyssey 36i


The contents and images of this article are based on this Jeanneau Owners Facebook Group post


The galley work top in our SO36i was starting to look a bit shabby after over 40,000NM. We decided to use some down time over the Christmas break to replace it with a clean looking Corian composite top. It is an amazing product to work with and the results are really good.

Dismantling, took some working out!

Lockers and top removed

Old top stripped down

Measuring up the replacement

Starting to cut to size using circular saw

Cutting out fridge and sink holes

One half finished using old top as template with a router

Bonding 2 pieces together

Fridge and sink covers cut

Finished top, just edges to do

Edges all cut and profiled using a router

Edge profile

This is the cut out for the fridge lid lifter. We had to make a jig for this

Finished lid

Starting to experiment with bending corian

Corner profile being shaped. 160 degrees for 20 mins seemed best

Test pieces on the oven to check for colour changes


We used tape to stop the adhesive getting everywhere

Joints just need sanding to make them invisible

Sink, taps and splash back supports now in place

First fit on board

All in and working, final few bits to do

Done!! Very pleased with the results I think about 25 hours. However If I did it again it would be significantly less. Spent a lot of time working out how it came out of the boat and making jigs etc. Only cost about £150 in materials and additional tools I needed though.


Simon King – Sun Odyssey 36i