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Dinghy Deck Stowage

Honwave 3.2 on Sun Odyssey 469


Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469 (2013) – Honwave 3.2 Inflatable V-Floor, Foredeck Securing

My 469 (not sure if all are the same) has 2 D-rings on the foredeck aft of the sail locker and 2 just aft and outboard of the main cabin skylights.


With the Honwave 3.2 on the foredeck the inflatable floor fits nicely around the mast without fouling any of the lines/blocks.


For a quick securing method I’ve made a small harness that clips around the spinnaker pole (or mast) and then secures to the 4 D-rings on deck.  The whole system is then tensioned up by pulling the middle line through the cleat.

Items required:

4x snap shackle

2x stainless steel rings

1x trapeze cleat (click for example)

2x metal clips

Enough rope in your chosen colour (I went for a more visible red 6mm braid - I am now planning to run the rope inside tube/hose to avoid chafe on the dinghy sponsons)



With the boat in position, clip all 4 snap shackles into the d-rings.

Tie one end of the rope to a metal clip and pass it round the mast, then tie an overhand knot in the rope on the opposite side of the mast, repeat with the other metal clip and rope.

Pass one rope through a metal ring, down to the outboard snap shackle, through the other metal ring, then down to one of the forward snap shackles.

Repeat the same with the other side (using the same stainless rings).


Join the two stainless rings using some rope and the trapeze cleat.


For storage I clip the opposite sides together then loosely bundle and secure with tape or twine to stop it tangling, should lead to a quick deployment next time it’s needed.


Craig Macbeth