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Engine Temperature Monitoring Displays

Jeanneau Forum Member "IanQV" shows this reassuring double upgrade


I recently had concerns where the engine, a Volvo 2040D, was running hotter than usual. Not happy with the standard alarm system which pretty much only tells you that the engine is over heating, I wanted something which would tell me how hot it actually was and would warn me earlier!

NASA marine do an EX1 kit which monitors the exhaust temp. That’s great but I also wanted to monitor my coolant temp.

So I used a second EX1 kit and mounted it into the coolant system. Easy to do…. I purchased a replacement thermostat cover from Volspec and mounted the sensor in to it. I basically just drilled a hole and put a thread in it. I put thread lock on the housing and a sealant under the locking nuts each side. Then fitted the thermostat cover onto the engine. It was then just a case of running the wires back to the instrument panel and fitting the display units.

The exhaust temp sensor is fitted 200mm down stream from my exhaust elbow.

Both units have alarms – so “should” the engine start to get hotter – they will trigger. The top unit is the exhaust temp, bottom unit is coolant. The alarms are set to trigger + 10 degrees above normal operating temps.

The Exhaust elbow runs at 33 degrees – so alarm set at 43 degrees. As for the coolant alarm I will set the alarm about 8 < 10 degrees above normal operating temp.

P.S I fitted the temp sensor to a new thermostat cover, just in case something fails/leaks and I need to revert back to standard.

The picture below was taken after 10 mins of running at idle

Exhaust sensor installation pictures below:

In addition to the manufacturers fitting instructions I also used a gas tight sealant around the sensor / pipe joint. Supplied in the kit were the heat proof cable ties.

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