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Fuel Filter - dual system upgrade

While I’m sure that there is a CE rule that says I can’t put fuel systems in the same compartment as electrical systems, they haven’t listened to me about why the Euro can’t work over the long run either, so pht…...


On the SO39i the factory-supplied Volvo Penta CAV primary filter was difficult to reach, and had the wrong sizes fittings for the hoses. Leaks were normal and chronic.


I had previously installed a Racor 200 dual set up on my last boat (Catalina 34). Worked well.


No need to stand on head trying to change and bleed spin-ons while being blown onto a lee shore when the engine died due to a blocked FO filter. Just flip the handles.


Considered Racor 200 dual set up laterally over the transmission. Not enough available height.


Really liked the Racor 500s. Only viable place to install was in the charger/main breaker compartment.

Moved one bus bar slightly forward and from the horizontal to the vertical position on the starboard bulkhead.

Moved battery charger from the aft bulkhead to the starboard bulkhead.

Installed the 2 x 500FGs on the aft bulkhead and the Moeller manifold(s) on the port bulkhead.


Considered adding a fuel polisher, but that seemed like overkill and was v. expensive.

In retrospect, the set up could have been much simpler. Install a three way valve on #1 inlet and a second on #2 outlet.


Though there was probably insufficient space laterally in the compartment to accommodate that set up. One thing to note is that Racor no longer sells fittings for the 500s. It is possible to combined standard fittings to achieve the desired result, but the result is very bulky.


After much messing about, I was able to obtain the fittings on E-bay.


Jonathan Seymour - Norna J - SO39i