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Galley Lighting Improvement - SO42DS

Better lighting in galley of a Jeanneau SO42DS


Trevor Bird, Australia


The Admiral often remarked about the lack of good light over the cooktop and the counter tops in our galley. The factory installed incandescent light above the refrigerator lid is inadequate so it was important to improve that lighting.

Figure 1. LED light installed above cooktop


Figure 2. LED light installed above cooktop – voltage supplied from existing light in foreground


The first light installed was a LED type above the cooktop. The power for this light was found from the existing factory installed light and the thin cabling was simply hot glued in behind the timber trim.


Next the LED strip light was installed behind the timber trim and was powered from the on/off switch on the LED light installed above the cooktop. When the switch on the LED light is turned on, power is also supplied to the LED strip light.

Figure 3. Wiring into rocker switch of LED light for voltage supply and strip light power


The wiring from the existing light is connected to the power input to the LED light. The LED strip light takes its power from the switched side of the light in Figure 4.

Figure 4. Strip light installed behind the timber trim


Figure 5. Strip light providing bright galley bench top lighting


Figure 6. Much better lighting because of the LED Strip lighting behind the timber trim.


Trevor Bird - SV Sapphire - SO42DS - Australia