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Harken 44 Winch Service

Photo guide for Harken winch servicing


OK - it's that time of year to service your winches!!

It is one of the most expensive items onboard your boat - but OFTEN overlooked, or put off to next year......


However, it's not hard to do once you can convince yourself it's not going to be like a 10000000 piece jigsaw puzzle getting it back together!! Take pics as you go along. If it is a Harken winch, have a look at their website - they have manuals, exploded pictures of every winch they have made plus some videos - so if you do run in to trouble, help is only a web page away!! Link for Harken Winch Manuals and Winch Service Video


As for oils and greases. I used Harkens own. Don't over pack the winch thinking the more oil / grease the better it'll be!! Wrong - it'll just gum up quicker.


Despite my Harken 44 winch looking pretty disgusting inside (I only bought the boat two months ago) - nothing needed replacing.


Just a good wash off and a lube. Even the Pawl's were in good condition.




Note the wine glass level





nearly there...   Note the wine glass level  



Ta-dah!!!! finished!


Right, I'm off to finish that wine! Hope this helps someone.


Ian - French Connection - Sun Odyssey 37


EDITOR NOTE - There is another helpful owner guide by TEDP here