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Non slip deck repairs - major

The following photos, courtesy of the owner AB, were originally shown on the Jeanneau Owners forum, detail how a professional repair of a deck void under the gelcoat antiskid on quite a new Sun Odyssey 50DS was completed to almost perfection. There is also another Hints and Tips article showing how more minor repairs can also be very successfully completed.


A more radical method of repair bubble/voids in deck non-slip.

The bubble in the top of the picture is from the previous repair

The whole panel of antiskid that surrounds the bubble will be replaced, only the gelcoat not the laminate, however this bubble is the result of poor lamination so this will be repaired prior to replacing the gelcoat.

First step is to make a pattern of the panel from masking tape, lots of masking tape!

Note the pencil lines on the pattern, they align with the antiskid diamond pattern

Next a new gelcoat antiskid needed, comes in 8ft x4ft ish panels direct from Jeanneau, it very flexible and thin.


Make sure its aligned with the pencil marks and cut, making the pattern in masking tape means it still sticks to the antiskid panel


Next remove the gelcoat antiskid on the deck


Don’t be shy a wood chisel works well


The reason for the bubble starts to show


After lots of aggressive sanding


The extent of the poor lamination is now evident. I sent these photos to Jeanneau but they had no comments. When I was at the factory I saw another deck being produced, it’s done upright on its side and the line along the laminate is about as far as the workers can reach, I believe the mould is then turned around and the other side completed any case poor workmanship here.



Repair laminate You can always tell an expert grp repairer by the number of pairs of gloves he wares, 4 is good, just peel them off as they get contaminated

Now glue the new panel down using product supplied by Jeanneau



To both sides


Align the panel with the pencil marks, mask the gelcoat first


Apply lots of pressure and remove excess glue before it sets completely


Once set apply gelcoat paste, but remove masking for gluing and reapply in the middle of the smooth gelcoat between panels


Brush some Ashland spray coat gel mixed with around 5 to 10% patchaid on top of the gelcoat paste straight away


Once done immediately remove all the masking tape carefully


Join should look like this


Lots of careful sanding with grades 320 to 1000

Still not finished, mask the antiskid both sides leaving the smooth, as you have sanded it gelcoat!


Lots as masking as spraying next preval sprayer, with Ashland spray gelcoat 5-10% patchaid and 5-10% acetone spray the gap




Gentle sanding


Buff and polish to finish

Colour may seem very white to start but quickly fades to the same as the rest of the boat.


Photo above taken 9 months after the repair.


Gel coat used: Ashland maxguard NP10503 RAL 9016 ARLA6 BL Casse spray gelcoat as used by Jeanneau on new boats in 2017, well that's what it says on the tin! To spray this gelcoat you need to add around 10% Polycor patch aid 2671, made by Polynt, and a Preval aerosol sprayer. Ashland Products Information


Original forum post here: https://jeanneau.proboards.com/thread/5179/gelcoat-repair-antiskid-part2