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Non slip deck repairs - minor

The following photos, courtesy of the owner AB, were originally shown on the Jeanneau Owners forum, detail how a professional repair of a deck void under the gelcoat antiskid on quite a new Sun Odyssey 50DS was completed to almost perfection. There is also another Hints and Tips article showing how more major repairs can also be very successfully completed.


The circle marks a void which is more visible in strong sun when the trapped air expands.


Apply mould release wax


Remove gelcoat


Ready to fill with resin and mat


Filled with resin and mat


Remove excess laminate


Cut antiskid mould to size, Jeanneau sells A4 sheets.


Make sure mould is aligned and interlocked correctly


Make a hinge so the mould folds back but maintains alignment.


Apply gelcoat paste, lots of it after cleaning the laminate with acetone, don’t touch the mould release!


Firmly interlock the mould and apply lots of masking tape


Remove when set, the mould release stops the gelcoat sticking to the surrounding antiskid.


Light sanding to finish


Original forum post here: http://jeanneau.proboards.com/thread/5175/gelcoat-repair-antiskid