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Refrigerator upgrade for tropics

We live aboard a Jeanneau 40.3 and do all our cruising in the tropics. The refrigeration unit fitted was not keeping up to the demands we were putting on it.


We have upgraded our existing unit to a eutectic unit with two plates from Ozefridge.

It has made all the difference. We now have a great fridge that can keep up to our demands and the tropical climate. The unit is made in Australia and is both water (fresh recycled tank water) and air cooled.

The original compressor unit has not been wasted. I had a insulated box made for box under the nav station seat & used the old compressor unit to turn it into a small drinks fridge.

Compressor unit installation                   Empty nav station box

Insulated box inside nax station box         Empty nav station box

Finished project


John Mills