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Raymarine C series plotter repair

I wanted to share a solution I found for my Raymarine C90W widescreen display where 2 pins on the the power/data socket got corroded and broke off. The data/power socket is the one that's about 2-3 cm in diameter and has 19 pins on it.

The photo shows the I/O PCB assembly (Raymarine p/n R62222).


Raymarine quoted me €526 to repair the 2 pins and as you can imagine that I wasn't too happy with that.

In the end, I decided I would try to repair the unit myself. In my case, the repair cost me €270 (including VAT) instead of the Raymarine fixed price repair cost of €526 , or €996 for the C140W.


The 4 sockets at the back of the display are all one unit soldered directly on a circuit board. In the schematic, this is item 29 I/O PCB assembly Raymarine p/n R62222. Raymarine told me that they couldn't supply me this item directly, but that they can supply this item to a Raymarine agent. I purchased this item through a local Raymarine agent here in France for €270 (incl taxes and delivery from the UK to the agent's shop).


The circuit board is quite easy to replace, but be warned, there are LOTS of screws. My guess is that if you can replace a hard drive on a laptop, then you should be able to carry out this repair.


The first step is to remove the 18 screws located near the front of the display and remove the front cover. Then work your way removing the various components within the unit, taking care when disconnecting the various cables between the screen, main processor motherboard and finally the PCB with the 4 sockets soldered on it. It's fairly straight forward, but if you need a more detailed description, please let me know.


Nick Maltzoff