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Self Tacking Jib Track Installation

Fitting to the Sun Odyssey 36i

Hello all sailors in narrow waterways. Since 2011 I have been considering installing a self-tacking jib on my SO36i. Now I have completed the project, including fitting the track, plus new sail (about 25 m²) and all is functioning very well. Another benefit is that the sheets of both the main and of the jib are running directly to the both winches near the helmsman. So I can sail alone, cruising on a river or in narrow waterways is very easy. See the pictures for more detail plus there are pdf downloads for the track design plus a cost breakdown for the project at the end of this page..

Close up of interior backing plates

The new jJib sheet passes internally within mast, then is taken through the starboard genoa track car to cockpit winch

Close up of exit sheave for sheet at front of the mast, just above the lower spreader, both holes in the mast and  mounting the sheaves were self installed, with an electric jig saw it is no problem.

Close up of lower sheave exit

The sheet can be attached to foot of mast when not in use

Note original portside genoa track is now used to lead the mainsheet to the cockpit winch

Track Drawing Download

Project Costs Download


Scherbhe, Bremerhaven