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Shower Sump Pump Timer project

Trevor Bird shows how to fit a timer on his SO 42DS


One slight annoyance when showering is holding the switch on for an extend period to empty the floor waste.  One way to resolve this is to install a simple timer.

This timer was purchased off an EBAY site in the UK.  The diagram to the left indicates the connections and functional diagram of the timer.

At the time of this project the timer I used is found if you search on "12 volt 10Amp Adjustable TIMER relay " on Ebay. 

The photo below shows the sump pump located under the aft head sink, just aft of the cupboard door.

The connections to the timer only have to be made at these existing connections coming from the switch and going to the pump motor.

The installed product is shown in this photograph below.  The relay is mounted in a normal automotive 5 pin relay socket.

The timer has a switch to roughly set the duration and nature of operation and a control to finely set the timer duration. We considered what is the most logical time required and thought that the time it takes to empty the floor of the shower from the time the waste water just covers the floor grate. That was timed to be 25 seconds. We have consequently set the timer to 25 seconds.

So now when having a shower, when the water covers the floor grate you can press the shower sump switch just once and it will keep the sump pump working until the floor waste is empty.  This makes showering a little easier for the sake of this small modification.

More details available if anyone is interested in doing this themselves and any of it is not clear. You can reply on the original forum thread at: https://jeanneau.proboards.com/thread/2693/jeanneau-43ds-shower-sump

Trevor Bird