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Simrad SD10 Rudder Position Repair

We recently had a fault with the Simrad rudder position feedback sensor on our Sun Odyssey 33i.

Simrad equipment is now no longer manufactured and supplied by Simrad, but by Navico and Navico no longer support the serviceable parts (listed in the SD10 Installation Manual). The suggestion was that we purchase a complete drive system (cost >£1,000)

However the SD10 is actually manufactured by Octopus Autopilot Drive Systems. They have been most helpful in first helping me diagnose the faulty component (which ironically is not listed amongst the serviceable parts) and providing me with detailed procedures to enable me to carry out the repairs.

The fault in my case was a split drive gear (to drive the rudder feedback sensor), which involved opening up the drive gear case. 

This pdf document SD10 Rudder Position Repair provides details of the steps required, based on the procedures and photographs that were most helpfully provided by Octopus Europe, who have kindly given permission for their reuse for other Jeanneau Owners.

Peter Bunning - Sun Odyssey 33i - Noodle - Scotland