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SO32 Genoa Car conversion

Fitting towable Genoa/Jib Cars is an easy upgrade for those SO32 owners wanting better headsail shape when furling.

The standard “Amiot” 25mm T Track fitted to the SO32 will accept the "Barton" rope adjustable Genoa cars which fit a track of identical size.


Approx 2 hours work start to finish and an excellent result, process is relatively simple:

* Remove plastic track end (bow)

* Slide old Genoa car off track

* Slide new Barton car onto track

* Slide end stop onto track and position with end flush with end of track, mark holes through end stop fitting onto track

* Drill 2 x 4.2mm holes in track to depth of track, tap to 5mm thread

* Screw end stop fitting down to track with 2 x 5mm x 16mm bolts


I used 6mm black double braid rope as control lines.


To lock the control lines off I did the following:


* Purchase 2 x Rutgerson jam cleats on angled backing plates that takes "TransAtalantic" turning block. This is the same angled plate and turning blocks and jam cleat arrangement that are on my traveller car that lock the rope off for the traveller. The "Barton" cars come in a silver/grey anodised finish and match the 'Rutgerson" product perfectly so they all look "Factory" fitted.


This system has the advantage that you only need to drill 2 holes to fit the turning block, backing plate and jam cleat as they all bolt through or onto each other, very tidy.


By contrast the Sun Fast 32i uses a Harken turning block = 2 x holes and Harken jam cleat = 2 x holes.


The Rutgerson arrangement I fitted by drilling the first and lower mounting hole 35mm up from the deck and 65mm in from the edge of the moulding that holds the Spinlock foot block fitting for the Genoa sheet. The second hole is directly above the first at a distance that = the centre spacing on the mounting plate. The Rutgerson product comes with 6mm countersunk torque drive screws which are the perfect length, just apply some Sikaflex 292 to rear of plate and mount, fit washers and 6mm nylock nuts on the inside. I then pinched the plastic nut covers off the starboard side Genoa winch (under the cockpit locker and out of sight) and fitted these over the nuts inside where Rutgerson product bolts through, end result "LOOKS FACTORY FITTED".

Good luck and happy sailing Stephen Stones - H2Eau - Auckland - NEW ZEALAND