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Sun Odyssey 35 Solar Panels

Photovoltaic Panels


Hi, here are a couple of pictures about the photovoltaic panel (SUNWARE SW-3066) on my SO35 (Jarife).

It was easy to install. The photovoltaic panel is fixed on the deck by 9 small screws and sikaflex, (it is possible to walk on it).


The wire goes in by a hole just behind the sprayhood (through a watertight deck gland), then it goes to the regulator and to the service-battery between the roof-panels and the boat deck. You can't see any wire inside.


Under the summer sun it helps to keep the battery charged up when anchored ...especially while the fridge is working. (my service-batteries are 2x 70 Ampere)


Gianni - SO35 - Jarife