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Sun Odyssey 43 Mainsheet Track Upgrade

Noted below are details and attached is a picture of my custom Harken upgrade traveler for my 2002 Sun Odyssey 43. The new system dramatically improves mainsail control and ease of handling.


I discussed the pre-engineered traveler with Olaf Harken but ended up putting my system together with valuable assistance from the local Harken distributor. Result is quite similar to factory option on 45.2.


Parts used: (2002 Harken Catalog page)

1. #560.6 high beam track (113)

2. #632 trim caps (113)

3. #563 double sheave end controls (111)

4. #1939 car (108)

5. #1799 double car controls (110)

6. #422 Ratchamatic blocks (33)


We used three 4.5" bolts on each side at the same location as the ends of the OEM 1 metre wide traveler (glass is 3" thick!!). Then two more bolts on each end of the new track. Used white blocks of ultra high molecular weight plastic (very strong & impervious to UV) to support outer ends of new track. Large backing plates were placed on original inner anchor points and starboard outer. The outer port side of new track ended up in head, which of course, has a liner. Drilled holes here and used large washers. Holes plugged with white plastic caps ... match to existing caps on head bulkhead re main salon teak grab bar. Harken rep indicated this should be no problem with very solid anchor installation at inner points.


New system is a delight to use. Longer traveler allows excellent main control. 4:1 set-up permits adjustment by hand (without winch) up to 25 knots.


Rick Lemon

SO 43 Citronnée

Toronto, Canada