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Galley Splashback Installation

Mark Clement upgrades his Jeanneau 51


We decided to put in a glass panel after the boat was delivered as it seems Jeanneau only put those glass dividers in if the sinks face the couches but we were concerned that food prep could splash onto the seat backs even if the sink water couldn't.


We didn't like the green tint glass or the large brackets Jeanneau have used on other models. If it helps this is what we did:



- 1500mm x 150mm x 10mm toughened glass in "Ultra Clear" low iron glass so almost clear.

- Two top edges 12mm radius - Two bottom edges just rounded (approx 2mm radius)

- Edges flat aris polished edges


2) 3 X BRACKETS - SB10 to suit 10mm glass in polished chrome. These are sold for domestic shower screens.


- the 1500mm meant ends lined up with backrest on outboard end and sink edge at inboard end

- Bracket position

- I had each end brackets with the bracket centre 150mm from the glass edge and the third centred in

the middle of the glass.

- The bracket edge on the table side is 8mm from the Corian edge

- to try and miss the timber join underneath the Corian top and provide max bench space while person sitting

still doesn't come in contact with the glass

- I used s/s countersunk timber screws approx 40mm

- I was told that after fitting the glass into the brackets and tightening the grub screws

- to work silicon into the bracket / glass gap to further support the glass.

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Editor Note: There have been several reports of the original toughened glass splashbacks fitted by Jeanneau unexpectedly shattering without warning, possibly due to temperature change, poor fitting or stresses within the glass. As a result several owners have replaced the glass with unbreakable polycarbonate options, such as acrylic even though these may be more prone to scratching. An alternative is to have a transparent film adhered to the glass which should assist avoid tiny shards of glass being spread in the event of the screen shattering.