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Stainless handrails project

Dennis Angle shows a low maintenance upgrade to his SO37


I have replaced the wooden handrails and wooden companionway slides with stainless. I sourced the oval tubing at a surplus marine store in Tampa FL. It is very close to the dimensions of the wood it replaced. It was difficult to find at a reasonable price. I used a "bed" of 4200 on the boat and then pressed the stainless rail onto the 4200. Painters tape kept the adhesive from adhering to places it shouldn't adhere to. The tubing was too thin for countersinking the screws so I used pan head screws. The companionway stainless is just some polished flat pieces with a handrail welded to it. The handhold on the FRP cutout worked for the wooden pieces, but the stainless was too flat to grab comfortably. We are very pleased with the look - and the lack of maintenance.