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Sun Kiss Stern Arch Dinghy Lift

I believe that our new addition, a Radar Arch with dinghy lift on our Sun Kiss 47 is worth posting on the site as we have had many positive comments plus it is working really great and some other Jeanneau owners may want to do the same.


Stage 1 - fully hoisted


Stage 2 - letting it down


Stage 3 - now loosen starboard side


Stage 4 - deployed


Design Criteria we had prior to building:

We wanted an arch that would be able to hold our radar, solar panels (to be added in 2006) some additional antenna plates and have an integrated dinghy lift without davits going beyond the stern of our boat, all this needed to look esthetically pleasing and be bullet proof for off shore cruising.


Builders input:

After having met with several stainless builders we choose Klacko Stainless, Ontario they do all the work for Tartan, Saga, Bruckman and Expresso I (our Boat) to just name a few. Klacko provided a general design which included 2” tubes for the main structure with 1” for connecting tubes.


They suggested removing our existing stern rail and making a new one as part of the arch and replacing the lifelines around the cockpit with solid 1” lifeline framing. The dinghy lift that we settled on was a Lifting arm mechanism that would extend behind the swim platform for easy Raising and Lowering, the Sun Kiss swim platform extends almost 3 feet beyond the stern.


The builder had many little recommendations such as, make the radar post removable, Life Ring attachment, attachment point for connecting blocks and a mounting plate to attach a light to allow illumination of the transom at night etc. we now know how valuable a builders input can be, Klacko is now building our Solar panel mounts and rebuilding our Anchor bow plate.


Final Product and operational use:

We chose to install the arch ourselves which only took one day, and yes everything did fit. The Radar was simple to install and is well above the crew when they are on deck, the man overboard pole and life ring holder are in an easy to deploy location and the new solid life lines around the cockpit are outstanding (this seems to become the standard on new boats for good reason).


The big thing we where wondering about is the dinghy list system, well it works wonderful and let me give you the details. The lifting system operates via a single line that goes to a primary winch, my wife at just over five feet tall can raise the dinghy with a 25HP motor, alone.


Once the dinghy has been raised we use two lines to secure the lifting arm (which is 1.5” stainless tubing) around the main Arch and thus transfer all the weight from the Lifting arm on the 2” arch frame, also if we go on open water we remove the engine and use boat trailer straps to secure the dinghy against the arch, adding the straps takes 2 minutes.


Once the dinghy is up we still have access to our swim platform and can make use of our stern ladder, also we can adjust the height of the dinghy on the lifting arm if needed. (see pictures for details on how all this works)



Rene Tuerlings - Expresso I (changing to Gypsy Blues) - Sun Kiss