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Foreward Cabin Storage - Sun Odyssey 37

Extra cupboard with doors


We have an SO 37 which has some great storage up in the forward cabin. However, to get to this extra storage space you have to lift up all the bedding which can be a real pain (esp if some one is in bed!!!).



So to make things easier I added some extra doors!!

It was a pretty easy and inexpensive job to do.


The following pics show what and how I did it.......


First pic the standard capboard unmodified:


I cut out the doors using a jigsaw (using a very fine blade).


Next I fitted the latches.... easily done using a hole cutter.


Then I cut in the hinges and hung the doors...


Forgot to mention..... I fitted edging trim to the doors and cupboard surround.


Copyright article by IanQV from the Jeanneau Forum.